You got your real estate license, NOW WHAT?

Congratulations! You got your license and now you are ready to buy + sell homes! But wait…….WHO are you going to help?

Becoming a real estate agent can become overwhelming FAST. You’re getting information from everyone on what to do, your social media is flooding you with coaches that guarantee success if you just pay thousands of dollars. You can do mailers, cold calls, door knocking, social media….so many options that you can FREEZE just thinking about what do to instead of taking ACTION.

Check out my tips on getting started and the where to spend your time and efforts as a new agent.

The most important thing is to just START!

  1. Get in front of people. LOADS of people. Your sphere of influence, also known as, all the people you know! AND get in front of people you don’t know! You can host open houses for other agents, getting in front of interested buyers. You can throw a block party, a team party, a girls night out, anything! Just be with the people!

  2. TRACK how many contacts you are making a day. YES, actually track it. It will become a numbers game. If you want to close 12 transactions your first year, you will be able to get it down to how many contacts did you make in order to close ONE transactions. THEN, times that number by 12 and you see how many contacts you need for the year to reach your goal! It’s all about breaking it down to an obtainable number. 5 people a day doesn’t seem as hard as 1200 people a year!

  3. CREATE SYSTEMS. While you are NOT busy, set your future self up for success. Buyers consult, seller presentation, from offer to closing, create systems for yourself that are duplicatable. By doing this early, you do not have to re-invent the wheel every time. In three years when you are closing multiple deals a month, you already have systems in place!

  4. MINDSET: this may be one of the most important steps. Real estate is a MARATHON, not a sprint! (Thanks Kat!) You are in this for the long haul. You won’t become a top agent over night and you need to know that deals will fall through. People WON’T choose to work with you, and that’s OKAY! You are meant to be here. You are meant to help SOMEONE. And your dream IS POSSIBLE. Spend some time every single day working on a positive mindset. It won’t just help your business, it will help your life!

Have more questions about becoming a real estate agent? Send me a message or give me a call!! I am happy to help!

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