Selling your home is a journey filled with memories and emotions. It's where life's chapters unfolded and now, a new adventure awaits. We understand the weight of this decision and the importance of handling it with care and expertise. Together, we'll map out the journey, taking the burden off your shoulders.

From staging to closing, we're here to guide you through every step, ensuring your selling experience is as rewarding as it is successful. With our personalized approach, we make the process transparent, stress-free, and tailored to your unique needs.

More than a sale, it's your story.

Expert Guidance for your home selling journey

Specializing in Northern Virginia, we bring a wealth of local knowledge and a track record of successful sales. Our approach to real estate is rooted in connection and crafting unique strategies that highlight your home's character and appeal. We're dedicated to not just selling your home but maximizing its value and appeal.


THe Secrets to our success

- Ashleigh

“She is knowledgeable, personable, and patient. So often realtors want the market to do the work for them – not Casi! She is a go-getter that puts in the work! From the open houses to the social media posts to the efforts made with other brokers, Casi went the distance to get our house sold and for a great price. Her communication is another level. She never quits and never lets a challenge stand in her way. I cannot recommend Casi more.”

“Casi Carey has been hands down the best realtor we have ever had the pleasure of working with.”

From start to sold.

Selling Process

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Closing day is a culmination of our journey together. We'll be by your side, ensuring all paperwork is in order and the process runs smoothly. Once the deed is recorded and the funds are transferred, it's time to celebrate the successful sale of your home and the exciting new chapter ahead.

8. Close & Celebrate

Contingencies are a critical part of the selling process. We assist you in understanding and navigating these conditions, whether they're related to inspections, financing, or appraisals. Our goal is to ensure a seamless transition through each stage, keeping you informed and prepared for what's next.

7. Remove contingencies

When offers start coming in, our team is there to guide you through each one. Whether it's a single offer or multiple, we'll review them together, comparing and strategizing the best course of action. Our expertise ensures you make informed decisions, leading to the most beneficial outcome for your sale

6. Offer review and Negotiation

Open houses are pivotal in the selling process. They provide a unique opportunity for buyers to experience the essence of your home firsthand. Our team organizes and hosts these events, ensuring each open house attracts maximum attention and effectively showcases your property's best features.

5. Engaging Open Houses

Launching your home on the market is an art. We utilize a multifaceted approach, ensuring maximum visibility. From 'Coming Soon' buzz to the grand 'Listed for Sale' announcement, we create excitement and anticipation. Our strategy includes showcasing your home on various platforms, ensuring it reaches a wide audience of potential buyers.

4. Strategic Online Debut

First impressions are crucial in real estate. We employ professional photography and videography to capture the unique charm of your home. These visuals are not just pictures; they are an invitation to potential buyers, offering them a glimpse into their future home. Our approach ensures your property shines across all marketing platforms.

3. Professional Imagery

The presentation of your home can significantly influence its market value. We guide you through the process of cleaning, decluttering, and staging, enhancing its appeal to potential buyers. This preparation can boost your home's value, ensuring it stands out in the market.

2. Home Preparation

Here, we dive into your goals, address your concerns, and prepare a tailored strategy. We bring to the table a detailed marketing plan, a social strategy overview, and a comparative market analysis. This step ensures your pricing aligns perfectly with market trends, setting the stage for a successful sale.

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